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Motivational Designed Canvas Wall Art

February 06, 2019

Motivational Designed Canvas Wall Art

Is there a connection between office design and motivation? 

The answer is yes! There have been a lot of research reports published on the connection between office design and employee motivation and productivity, which have highlighted noise, air quality, lighting and color schemes (including wall art, inspirational and motivational canvas designs) as important aspects which shape how productive we are and how happy we feel in the workplace.

According to the Leesman Index, 54% of workers say their workplace design allows them to be productive. More than 85% of people feel the design of their work space is important, with more than half saying it contributes to a sense of community and purpose at work, enjoyment and enables people to be more productively.

Motivation is a big deal in work spaces and its incredible how many offices don't pay attention to easy details that have the biggest ROI like canvas wall art. You only have to see the most watched videos on youtube and its clear that motivation is a big thing for overachieving people. The kind of employee every company wants or basically every entrepreneur out there. 

Canvas Wall Art at the office

"Workplace productivity isn't about getting from point A to point B in the fastest amount of time, but, rather, getting the job done in the most efficient manner possible while still maintaining a level of happiness and well-being," said Jamie Fertsch

Motivational Wall Art is the hidden little secret of many companies, when you walk into an office and there is something screaming or subconsciously speaking at you about your dreams, goals, objectives, etc. Its like a fire igniting that healthy competitiveness within yourself and your coworkers, the same force that drives a person and a company to move forward, faster, smarter. 

Your employees are basically your team and everyday there is a game against sluggishness, slowness, mediocrity. Everybody needs a pep talk, a motivational speech, a kick in the ass.  And because is unrealistic to thing that you might take time every day to speak to each and everyone of your people, just fuel that inner fire, let the atmosphere scream inspiration, motivation and passion. 

Everybody loves the day they felt pumped. And like in the gym, when everybody around you is being productive and getting the work done, you sit down, shut up and get to work. Humans are competitors by nature.

Entrepreneurs also need motivation

Maybe even more than employees. Entrepreneurs can benefit from canvas art because being a self employed, dream driven person requires a lot of persistence, work and motivation, many of us don't have the luxury of having a team to motivate us, is either us by ourselves or people that need motivation from us.  We need to be our own motivation and that's at least how I use my Artiful canvases. 

Research and multiple studies show that breaking up your work time with mental rest periods improves your productivity while moving around in small bursts throughout the day can lower stress levels and improve your health

Use Artiful beautiful and motivational canvas wall art for your office or home office. We created the for people like ourselves and it will help you and your staff:

  • Concentrate.
  • Express and Share Ideas Freely.
  • Work in Teams.
  • Choose Where to Work Within the Office.
  • Feel Relaxed and Calm.
  • Feel a Sense of Belonging to Their Company and its Culture.

Let us know how it goes!


Artiful team


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