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Press Release Feb. 2019

February 04, 2019 1 min read

Press Release Feb. 2019

Link to official Press release here

Miami, Florida:During this February, Artiful is donating 10% of every order to two Cancer Research Nonprofits yet to be determined based on customers suggestions. All the Artiful Canvas Art that is sold in America are made in the United States with Eco Friendly Inks.

As our CEO says “Artiful is a test to prove you can create an established business model like an original printed canvas art store and make it socially responsible, giving back is the backbone of Fundraising Logistics LLC”. Every month Artiful will chose a cause for the generic collections while keeping the special collections permanently on a nonprofit or cause like the Venezuelan collection.

Our values as a socially conscious startup are what directs every decision we make, we are currently developing:

  • A collection for most immigrant populations in the United States that will permanently support nonprofits working in that area while promoting the beautiful diversity that we love.
  • An American Collection supporting Veterans, to give tribute to the values we want to see in this country, solidarity, honor and determination.

Artiful.org is a socially responsible startup that designs and prints original canvas designs for every space and with the higher quality and production standards and sells them uniquely through the online storeartiful.org