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All Thanks To You

abril 24, 2020

All Thanks To You

We at Artiful keep working to deliver the best art right to your door. And even though this Covid-19 crisis has been hard, we keep moving forward.

A few Artiful things.

  • We have kept everybody on our small team.
  • We haven't done any marketing, we have lower sales and prefer supporting our small family. But many of you keep coming back and we love you for it!
  • Have a small delay with the shipping but not much.
  • Just a reminder again: The other website using our name is spending a lot of money fooling people, we have taken measures but beware! Not .co not shopartiful or anything.   Just .org where the Good Art is :)

Helping out.

  • If you are a designer and want to show your work through our website, contact us!
  • If you are a Growth Marketer and wanna work with us, get in touch.

Asking for a friend :). 

  • Please, share anything that you like from our website. We need any push we can get. 
  • Let us know what we can make that will make you happy! 
  • Keep being awesome :)


And that's it,

Please be safe, we will get through this! 

Love you all.





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