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Home office decorating ideas: wall art for every Home office style

abril 07, 2021 3 min read

Artiful Office and home office art ideas

Did you know that having the right art in your office can increase your productivity and happiness while working? That’s right! Not only is your work
better, but the teams work will be more productive and fulfilling. Everybody feels better when the company culture is expressed not only in the working experience but also in the walls, the atmosphere.

That’s why office art is so important, whether it comes in the form of framed prints or hand-stretched canvas. Surround yourself with whatever inspires you best: something natural and soothing, or something colorful that excites your senses.

Whether the art ends up in an actual office space or in your home office, the purpose is the same and it has a subtle but tremendous effect on you.



Several studies endorsed by architects, interior designers and behavioral psychologists have been published that say that the vast majority of workers appreciate and value the influence of a work of art in their workplace. And it seems that art and culture in the workplace favors the spirits of employees, their thoughtful and innovative processes, reduces stress and is a great source of inspiration for those who contemplate it.

Art in the office has great potential as a means of expressing business identity as it is an elegant and subtle way of communicating corporate image and values. Incorporating it in the facilities not only translates into an improvement in individual and collective well-being, it can also positively influence the productivity of employees, especially when they are invited to participate in the selection process of the works.

The belief that art can contribute to the talent retention strategy of companies is spreading. This is because the works (sculptures, paintings, tapestries ...) create more welcoming environments, which makes it more pleasant for employees to return to the office instead of teleworking.

But before acquiring your amazing Artiful Canvas Art for the office, it is important to plan where it will be placed under the criteria of lighting, architectural space, composition with respect to the elements that will surround it and its exposure to people.

It should not be forgotten that the changing nature of work today means that traditional art forms may not be as effective in new office environments. Home offices, open power space schemes, the growing importance of rest areas and increased work flexibility create interesting opportunities to incorporate art into the workspace.

On the other hand, while it is true that traditional art forms remain the most popular, new creations such as the printed canvas are among the best options for most offices


Art in the offices or home office

With the adoption of new work models, the traditional office concept has changed, giving way to new people-centered workspaces that focus on creativity, the recruitment of new talent and employee productivity.

There are many companies that incorporate pieces of canvas art in their offices not only as another element in interior design, but as a stimulating reason for the creativity of employees.

In addition to encouraging innovation, exposure to art and culture in the office has many benefits for employees and for the company itself. We can highlight the following:

  • Art in the office creates more attractive workspaces and reduces stress, improves the mood and quality of life for all occupants.
  • In addition to creating a stimulating work environment, art in offices influences the retention of talent in the company.

New work models promote more flexible work environments that allow work and private life to be reconciled. Art creates more welcoming environments and makes it more pleasant for employees to work from the office than from home.
It improves the brand image and helps to transmit the values ​​of the company. For example, initiatives related to the promotion of art and culture have a significant weight in CSR programs.

More and more companies are beginning to incorporate art into work environments within their Wellness strategies. Incorporating it translates into well-being for employees and can positively influence creativity and work productivity.

Some of our top collections have been created based on what companies have requested. 

Artiful.org works with big and small companies to create a homogenous atmosphere by designing unique art for their offices and their employees.