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The Local Art Store - Artiful works with local Artists and Businesses

abril 22, 2021 1 min read

Artiful The Local Art Store

Local businesses are a significant part of the economy. In 2018, small businesses accounted for 60% of private sector employment. In other words, local businesses are amazing and top creators of jobs.

The people who live and work at local businesses spend their money locally, and local businesses are also more likely than big businesses to shop locally as well.


Artiful works locally

At Artiful, we work hard at making our network of Artists and Printers as big as possible. Not only for the huge benefits for the community but also to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing shipping to a minimum. 

Artists: We work with artists from all over the world, graphic designers and artists from over 23 countries are represented on our store and we continue to add as many as possible. 

Printers: Over the years, we've worked hard at building professional relationships with local printers from Australia to Orlando. Every time we get an order, we look for the closest possible printer and in most cases, we succeed. 


Why support small businesses

Beyond their size, small businesses are defined by their energy and connection. They invent and build things despite uncertainty, because it’s what drives them, their founders and the employees. We need to support them because:

  • They make a positive impact to the local economy
  • They support communities and job creation.
  • They are often sustainable shopping alternatives.
  • They put customer experience first.