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About Us

ARTIFUL aims to redefine what art means and does for the world. We are dedicated to bringing together the awesome feeling of art with the amazing feeling of doing good. 
Founded by Andres Chocron, a serial entrepreneur who was born in Venezuela, moved to Spain in 2003 and after studying economics he devoted 7 years to fundraising. When he turned 30, he decided to donate his company and start from scratch, he traveled to Israel, Panama, Colombia and the US. He settled in Miami where he founded Artiful.org and the GoodSpot initiative.
Our story is unique in the sense that Artiful.org came to be by pure coincidence. While traveling Andres discovered and fell in love with the people and their art. It was through this experience that inspired him to create a platform that would help support artists, designers, nonprofits and make You happy with awesome canvas art.
The idea was simple really, all the artists have to do is design, do what they love to do! Then, Artiful team does marketing & advertising, manufacturing, shipping, even customer service!.
Thanks to our amazing nonprofits, artists and customers we have been able to support and do what we love. Every designs that is sold through Artiful.org directly impacts a nonprofit and allows them to continue to fight for their cause. Thanks to you.
Thank you.
Team Artiful.